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Knowing your true self makes the difference whether you succeed or fail in your life.
$ 5. 95
To bring meaning to your life you have to develop capacity to shift at any given moment.
$ 12. 95
Unstoppable: A Woman’s Guide to Self-Confidence Workbook This is a work book only that goes with book with same title.
$ 5. 95
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The Parenting Teens With Positive Discipline Audio Summit is 15 interviews with 15 Positive Discipline Trainers and Lead Trainers that will empower, encourage and support your parenting journey.
This book helps you put prayer in perspective. It invites you to recognize the value of prayer and serenity.
$ 10. 95
Parenting a teenager is an exciting time. It’s a time for watching them grow and helping them explore who they are.
$ 16. 95
The secret to career success is not talent, hard work or education, but sheer, unashamed confidence, a study suggested.
$ 7. 49