Kitchen Fun With Your Teen: Tropical Smoothie & Ice Cream Ideas!

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Cooking together is a huge connection point for the families I talk to, so here’s a quick cheatsheet (feel free to add in 1 drop of an essential oil for a new flavor profile!) so that you can not only have one fun meal, but SO many combinations to choose from with cool, fruity treats (whether as a beverage or dessert or even popsicle) this Summer and year-round - enjoy! :)

For allergies and food sensitivities, feel free to modify!

Let me know below in the comments what combination you’ve tried - I love hearing your ideas!

Choose a base

Milk | Non-Dairy Milk | Pineapple Juice | Apple Juice | Cream (dairy/non) | Water

Choose a fruit

Mango | Berries | Papaya | Peaches | Pineapple | Guava | Apple | Citrus

Add any greens or powdered greens

Spinach | Kale | Spring Greens | Arugula | Celery

Protein source

Protein powder | Chia Seeds | PB Assist Jr. (probiotic) | Nuts/nut butters | Yogurt


Maple Syrup | Coconut Sugar | Dates | Stevia | Vanilla Extract | Honey


Chocolate shavings | Ground nuts | Fruit slices | Nut Butter drizzle | Coconut shavings

Optional: Essential Oil (1 drop; taste as needed)

Peppermint | Lime | Lemon | Grapefruit | Ginger | Tangerine